Friday, September 16, 2016

Alternative Education students 'save' Permian Basin through literature

Alternative Education students completed their small-scale project-based learning (PBL) lesson in their English Language Arts class this week: Saving Permian Basin through Literature. In this PBL lesson, students acted as a team of staff writers of The Odessan Magazine ( Worried about the news concerning the current oil industry decline in Permian Basin, their Editor-in-Chief assigned their team to research about the situation and individually publish a literary piece of their choice that encourages investors to stay and invites other businessmen to invest in the region. Using local newspapers or internet, students researched about the oil industry situation and other possible investments in Permian Basin. They reviewed elements of selected literary genres using workstations. Students ended up producing poems and dramas and presenting these outputs to the teacher who acted as the Editor-in-Chief. Their writing outputs were sent to their international learning partners for further feedback.