Wednesday, February 28, 2018

AEC students complete Odessa Recreational Park PBL

At the conclusion of their lesson on area/volume of 2D/3D figures, AEC students completed a project-based learning activity called, Odessa Recreational Park. The PBL scenario acknowledged the rapid growth of the population in Odessa, TX due to the latest oil boom in West Texas. Because of a number of families requesting for more parks for their kids, the City Council of Odessa decided to build more family-oriented recreational parks. The City Council was inviting bidders for the project. AEC students acted as engineers who designed their prototypes of a recreational park to apply for the bidding. Their international partners acted as the City Council who judged and chose the best prototype. Additionally, as their AVID Quick Write and Reflection activity, AEC students described why their prototype should be chosen and sent their writing outputs to their international partners for revising and editing.