Monday, February 28, 2022

AEC joins PenPal Schools

For the first time, Alternative Education Center, Odessa, TX, joined PenPal Schools this month to interact with other schools in the world on curricular activities that support global sustainable development goals. The first activity students from the Alternative Education Center participated in was Financial Literacy and Money Management. AEC students interacted with other students from all over the world as they completed the following assignments: Meet PenPals!, Earning Money, Spending Money, Saving Money, Borrowing Money, Reflection, and Project. As their culminating activity, students wrote an essay, discussing how the activity helped meet the global goal of sustainable cities and communities. 

PenPal Schools connects students from different countries to make friends and discover the world. Students interact with PenPals from various countries to read, write, collaborate, and create original projects on topics that are relevant to them and the world. All PenPal Schools topics can be integrated into core classroom lessons and utilized to promote the global sustainable development goals.