Tuesday, February 7, 2017

AEC students model space telescopes

After reading and comparing the selections, “Uncovering a New Era in Archaeology" and "Picturing the Past for the Future" in their English class, Alternative Education Center (AEC) students created a paper model of a space telescope. Each student persuaded the class that his or her design was the best. This space education-integrated activity is one of AEC's simple class-based activities for its entry to the Aerospace Education Excellence Program this school year.

The selections AEC students read and analyzed involve the use of technology for locating sites from space (Uncovering a New Era in Archaeology) and for documenting sites discovered (Picturing the Past for the Future). AEC students used a Venn diagram to organize the similarities and the differences between the two selections. They then wrote an essay about how the two selections are similar and different from each other. Their essays were sent to their international learning partners for their partners’ revising and editing activity.