Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Spanish, American students complete a fiction story

Students at Instituto de Educación Secundaria IES Prado Mayor in Totana, Spain and students at Alternative Education Center, Odessa, TX, USA completed a fiction story about a secret passage in an Egyptian Pyramid. Spanish students, under the mentorship of Mrs.Trini Serrano Diaz, studied Egyptian Pyramids. Using a scenario where they pretended to have a field trip at the Pyramid of Giza and were curious about a secret passage in the pyramid, Spanish students completed a fiction story, describing what they would see inside the secret passage. On the other hand, as an introductory activity for their research lesson, American students researched Egyptian Pyramids online. Using the same material and scenario that the Spanish students used, American students completed the unfinished fiction story, describing their experiences after they opened the secret passage in the Pyramid of Giza while on a class field trip. After completing their fiction stories, American students compared their stories with the stories of Spanish students using a Venn diagram, analyzing if there were cultural features or elements in their stories.