Thursday, December 14, 2023

AEC celebrates International Day of Banks

Alternative Education Center celebrated International Day of Banks on December 4, 2023. The celebration recognizes the significant potential of multilateral development banks and other international development banks in financing sustainable development and the vital role of the banking systems in the UN Member States in improving the standard of living. The major goal is to achieve sustainable development in its three dimensions – economic, social, and environmental. 

Students at the Alternative Education Center discussed lessons on banking and financial literacy and ways other core areas could support the promotion of financial literacy. English could train students to read and communicate financial activities. Social Studies could help students see the personal, societal, and governmental benefits of effective financial management. Lastly, Science could teach students to use scientific problem-solving strategies to combat financial dilemmas that impact other problems of the world. On a personal level, through a guidance lesson group activity, students recognized and explained ways to earn money other than illegal activities, such as dealing drugs. Using art, students visualized their future means to earn money that is legal and something they and their families could be proud of. Students discussed how their little economic contribution could help meet the global goal of decent work and economic growth.