Sunday, October 22, 2023

AEC celebrates International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

Alternative Education Center joined the world in celebrating the International Day for Disaster Reduction on October 13, 2023, with the theme, Fighting Inequality for a Resilient Future. This year’s celebration addressed the connection between disasters and inequality. Unequal access to services leaves the most vulnerable exposed to the danger of disasters. The theme aligns with the Sendai Framework, the international agreement to prevent and reduce losses in lives, livelihoods, economies, and basic infrastructure when disasters occur.

At AEC, students discussed the disasters they experienced in town and ways to address them to maintain wellness practices and achieve the global goals of climate action and reduced inequalities. Many remembered the most devastating winter storm of February 2021, with hails damaging cars and houses and snow causing power outages for days. However, Texans were resilient and stood back up after the disaster regardless of property damages or even deaths of family members due to the storm. Students identified careers of choice to help the city withstand disasters, drew what their future career contributions could look like, and discussed social skills needed to achieve their careers.